Building Better Boys | Parts 1 & 2

Urban Legends of Masculinity + Redefining Masculinity
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Building Better Boys Part 1

Urban Legends of Masculinity

It feels as though the whole world is becoming increasingly upset about who our boys are, and who they’re becoming. Our sons are being raised in a cultural melee with questions about what it is to be male at its core.

The unhealthy, unhelpful ‘boy code’ that is rampant in our children’s school environment encourages an undeniable form of ‘toxic masculinity’. This is a term that is being thrown around, triggering some and unfairly maligning almost half the planet’s population. But the truth is that there are some genuinely dangerous ideas about what it is to be male that persist, making life harder for boys and their parents.

This webinar is for every parent who wants to build brilliant, beautiful – and yes, better boys. We’ll unpack three ‘urban legends’: ideas that have become part of the culture, but that hurt our boys and the people they want to be close to.

We’ll talk about society’s inappropriate expectations for boys around image, emotional regulation and expression, and the way they respond to girls. We’ll look at the crinkles in the culture and work on real life parenting strategies to iron them out with care, compassion, and kindness.


Building Better Boys Part 2

Redefining Masculinity

Masculinity and what it is to be a boy is currently undergoing a transformation. In the era of #metoo the unwritten laws of boyhood and manhood are being questioned… by adults. Yet playgrounds are still awash with unhelpful and unhealthy peer-enforced standards of how boys are supposed to act – towards their friends, their peers, and towards females. The playground may be the most toxic place in the lives of many of our boys (and girls).

How do we raise brilliant, beautiful boys? How do we teach them to avoid the toxic cultural norms that have forced a rigidity around what it means to be male and ‘boxed’ them into a way of being that is, too often, not consistent with who their hearts tell them to be?

We are in the business – as parents – of growing strong, caring men from these little boys. But great men don’t simply appear. They are raised from boyhood by engaged, involved, caring parents.

 This webinar provides 9 evidence-based solutions for every parent who wants to raise a son to become a great man with a wholesome, generous, and compassionate heart. You’ll discover:

  • The single most important thing every boy needs to be confident in showing his caring heart
  • The most effective, research-backed process to help our boys develop empathy
  • Essential keys to establishing boundaries and limits to guide boys successfully
  • And the one element missing from too many boys’ lives that will help them live lives of purpose and goodness


This webinar should be playing in every school, all over the world. Every parent should see it, every teacher should know it by heart.
Being aware of these things is life changing!

— Vanja V.


Loved it! Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such an easy to understand and engaging way

Emma M.



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