Better Together | A Workshop for Couples

with Justin & Kylie Coulson

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Saturday 19 June | 10am or 1pm AEST | Learn more here

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When a marriage/partnership is going well, life feels do-able even when there are challenges. When a marriage/partnership is struggling… everything feels impossible.

Better Together is a 2-hour masterclass for your relationship with your partner with family and relationships expert, Dr Justin Coulson – and his wife of 23 years, Kylie. Building on the very latest in relationship science, this seminar will make your relationship stronger, no matter how healthy it is (or isn’t).

In this interactive, dynamic workshop Justin and Kylie will facilitate participants’ opportunity to explore new scientific findings that illuminate strategies that will change every relationship you are in for the better. But be prepared to be challenged. Be prepared to grow. And be prepared to talk about things with your partner.

You’ll explore 3 critical practices that will change the way you understand and relate to your partner. And you will leave the masterclass with the tools you need to build a masterplan that will take your relationship to a whole new level.

Numbers are strictly limited to just 50 couples.


Please note that these sessions will be held via Zoom meeting. Participants will have the option to have their camera and microphone turned on, however it is not required. The sessions will be recorded, but will only be distributed to those who have participated in the session. 


  1. Ruchi Singh (verified owner)

    I’m looking forward to this workshop. We are struggling in our relationship. The passion, kindness & compassion has died down over 20 years now.

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