9 Surefire Ways to Discipline your Kids

....without anyone crying or being upset!

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Of all the issues that trouble parents, discipline is consistently the biggest one of all. How do I discipline my child when they do this annoying thing, or that disobedient thing, or this hurtful thing? Unfortunately, most of our standard discipline techniques leave us feeling lousy, our kids feeling awful, and… they really don’t work.

This webinar is for every parent who has ever wondered if there’s a better way to discipline their kids in a way that actually works, and that doesn’t destroy their child’s confidence and resilience.

WHO: Anyone who is raising, teaching, or working with children from toddlers through to teens

WHAT: A 70-minute webinar recording with Dr Justin Coulson followed by a 15-minute Q&A

WHY: Because the simple fact is that as parents, we’re struggling with how to discipline our children, and what most of us are doing isn’t working. And because when I have a conversation with a dad who tells me that if his discipline isn’t working, he just hits his kids harder, I know we need to find better solutions and fast.


  • the core differences between punishment and discipline
  • why traditional discipline doesn’t work
  • 9 discipline strategies including my Three E’s of Effective Discipline that will lead to better behaviour, better relationships, and happier families
  • how to never have to yell, threaten, ground, time-out, remove privileges, or smack again.

This webinar will change the way you think about (and practise) discipline with your family forever – and no, that’s not an over-promise.


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