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#880 Someone to Talk To

Published: 26 Oct 2023
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Every young person needs to have a close, significant adult to talk to when they experience challenges in life. Sadly, new research has revealed that far too many adolescents do not feel listened to and aren’t speaking to anyone when they’re worried.

If you are a parent who has tried to talk with your teen, only to have them close down or shut you out, you are not alone! Dr Katrina Lines (CEO of Act for Kids, and registered psychologist) shares some simple ways to connect with your child that will encourage them to share their problems with you.

Topics in this episode:

  • Speaking to a professional
  • Act for Kids Campaign "Get Comfy Switching ON by Switching OFF
  • Incidental conversation or "small talk"
  • Being present
  • Connection 
  • Pressures of school, friendships, social media
  • 3 basic psychological needs
  • Mental health issues - anxiety, depression, poor sleep
  • Fear of parental criticism or dismissal, or not being listened to


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