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#876 Failed at Uni, Successful at Life: Cam Barber

Published: 23 Oct 2023
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Education is important - but how it looks differs for every child. The messages around education that we are delivering to our children need to develop their initiative, their character and their thinking skills - especially when it comes to their education. These conversations matter, because education matters to us all.

Today's guest is Cam Barber, who started as a public speaking coach, and then broadened out to leadership skills/marketing messages. His clients include Paramount Pictures and Hawthorne Football Club.

Topics in this episode:

  • Cam Barber's story, and his bestselling book "What's Your Message".
  • Homework and self-discipline
  • The change from Primary School to Highschool in structure, routine, and overall ease
  • Exchange Student Program, Tertiary/Tafe programs, work experience 
  • Deferring University
  • Twice gifted children
  • Getting an education outside of the educational system
  • "Vivid" messages - valuable, customisable parenting messages 
  • How to Help when School Sucks - a Happy Families article

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