Family Relationships, Resilience in Children

#870 White Line Fever

Published: 11 Oct 2023
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Parent behaviour at children's sporting events can directly impact the child's experience. Thankfully the majority of parents do seem to encourage having fun over putting the pressure on their child to be the best. Journalist Shona Hendley unpacks why sports parents get a bad rap - but are in fact the angels of society.

Topics in this episode - 

  • Competitive parents coaching from the side
  • Shona Hedley's article - Taking kids to sport all the time
  • Dedication - time, money, energy
  • Training, competitions, camps, social events, volunteering & more!
  • Why do children drop out of sports early?
  • "Doing your best" vs winning vs simply loving the experience
  • Competence & connection
  • Report cards: grades vs effort
  • The current mental health crisis with young people
  • Government policies and decisions re sport 

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