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#864 Surf's Up & School's Out

Published: 04 Oct 2023
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When moving homes means changing schools again, and again... and again(!!) it can be hard for children to feel a true sense of belonging within a school community. With this being an ongoing experience for some of the Coulson kids, a momentous decision has been made to break away from mainstream education! And on this path to new beginnings, Justin experiences a break of a different kind - rather more painful, and nothing short of miraculous!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Australia's educational system - the good, the bad and the in-between
  • The 3 basic psychological needs of every child - what happens when these are not being met at school?
  • Educational lessons learned during the Covid lockdowns
  • Homeschooling - supporting a love of learning
  • Classrooms can be difficult for children struggling with emotional regulation and attention
  • Becoming grandparents
  • Holidays, surfing, and the power of slowing down
  • Challenging days and changing direction
  • Moving? How to help your child settle into a new school - a Happy Families article
  • School refusal - a Happy Families article 

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