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#862 Solving Lunch Box Headaches with Deb Blakley

Published: 03 Oct 2023
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Does your child whine and moan about what you pack in their lunchbox? Are you sick of preparing healthy lunchboxes only to have it come home untouched? Knowing what food to send to school with your child can be so challenging! Deb Blakely shares tips and tricks for making lunch time easier, and why you CAN give your child quick and easy food that they will actually eat - guilt free! (Replay)

Topics included in this episode -

  • Investigating things that can impact your child's ability to eat at school
  • How to support kids with special needs
  • Problem-solve together
  • Should white bread sandwiches, chip packets, cheese sticks and juice be demonized?
  • School is not the time to be stretching our kids
  • Food safety
  • Why foods that look, smell and taste good ARE good (yes - even carbohydrates and sugar!)
  • Communicating with teachers

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