#855 Hitting Pause on Praise

Published: 22 Sep 2023
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To praise, or not to praise, that is the question! Is praise actually decreasing your child's intrinsic motivation, and encouraging comparison and competition? Learn the science of how to praise a child - and why you really shouldn't! (Replay)

Topics included in this episode -

  • The way we give feedback to our children matters
  • Why do people use praise?
  • 'Podcast Episode #150 "Unconditional Parenting, with Alfie Kohn"
  • What is the right way to praise a child?
  • Why we should end the praise craze - a Happy Families webinar
  • The Most Important Words We Can Say To Our Children - a Happy Families article
  • Asking questions
  • How to help our kids listen to - and express - their inner voice
  • The paradoxical effects of praise & criticism on perceived ability' - Meyer
  • "That's Not Just Beautiful-That's Incredibly Beautiful!" - Brummelman
  • 'The effects of praise on children's intrinsic motivation' - Henderlong & Lepper


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