#732 This is How You Raise Resilient Kids

Published: 30 Mar 2023
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Today at Happy Families it's the Raising Resilient Kids Summit!

So Justin and Kylie chat about ways we can help our kids develop resilience, ahead of a day devoted to that very topic.

The Raising Resilient Kids Summit is an online event, with multiple ways to participate.  You can do the retreat, and block out the whole day to watch the entire summit as it drops.

You can also listen to the summit as a podcast; you'll have lifetime access, so there's no time pressure.  Or you can choose the on demand option - our highlight reels will give you the gist of what's in each session. Come back and refer to the resources as you need them!

Learn practical tools and techniques to:

  • Give your kids the best start for a resilient life
  • Help them to accept the gift of failure
  • Support their identity development
  • Use humour to build their resilience
  • Stay calm during life’s trickier moments

The speaker lineup includes:

  • Justin Coulson | Raising Resilient Kids | 10am
  • Maggie Dent | 10 Building Blocks to Resilience | 11am
  • Jessica Lahey | The Gift of Failure | 12pm
  • Marty Wilson | The Funny Business of Resilience | 1pm
  • James Anderson | Resilience & the Skill of Learning | 2pm
  • Alfie Kohn | Unconditional Parenting | 3pm
  • Dr Robert Brooks | Coping with Adversity | 4pm
  • Yasmin London | Digital Resilience | 5pm
  • Michael McQueen | Post Covid World Kids | 6pm
  • Dr Laura Markham | Calm Parents, Happy Kids | 7pm
  • Justin Coulson | Live Q&A | 8pm

Click here for more information and to register.

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