#725 25 Lessons From 25 Years (Part 2)

Published: 21 Mar 2023
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25 Lessons for Making Marriage Magic

Topics discussed in today's episode:

  • Justin & Kylie are celebrating 25 years of marriage
  • 25 Lessons for Making Marriage Magic
  • Don't keep score
  • It's not brilliant all the time
  • We're not the same people
  • The big values matter
  • Privacy is important
  • Going to bed mad is okay
  • Balance your mutual & personal interest
  • Always order extra bread rolls
  • Never measure contribution
  • Prioritising intimacy 
  • Confirmation bias can be really strong
  • No issue should ever be allowed to become bigger than your love
  • Never add to your spouse's struggle
  • Marry the person you love being with more than anyone else, then work super hard to keep it that way 

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