Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our Happy Families Memberships.


You will receive life-time access to any product purchased in our shop, including webinars and video recordings! (Unless specifically stated otherwise).

You can view your digital product at any time from within your account on our Happy Families website or in our Happy Families app.

You can ONLY access recordings and videos you have purchased if you are logged into your account, otherwise the website won't recognize you and will inform you that you don't have access. All of your videos and recordings are safely stored and accessible from within your account if you click 'my purchases' -> 'purchased licenses', or 'member resources'.

*Make sure to log in to your account BEFORE clicking on the recording link you receive by email.

**In the top right corner of the 'no access' page, there should also be a log in button.

You can access or find any of your purchases if you log in to your account on our website and click "my purchases" -> "purchased licenses". 

Alternatively, you can access video recordings by registering for a FREE Happy Families membership, then clicking 'member resources' -> 'unlocked resources'.

Yes.  For any speaking enquiries, please contact Caroline at or call her on 1800 0HAPPY.

It is at the top in the orange bar titled 'bookshop'.

Yes, you can do it after the three minimum months required at the time of your registration.

Parent membership

Payments to Happy Families for membership services are strictly non refundable.

If you click on the dropdown menu underneath your name on the home page, click on 'membership', then 'manage membership'.

If this doesn't redirect you to Stripe to update your details, then your subscription is linked through Paypal. Update your card details in paypal.

Login to your Happy Families account on our website.

Click on the dropdown menu underneath your name from the home page.

Click 'Membership'

Click 'Cancel Membership'

One of our staff will get back to you with confirmation that your membership has been cancelled. It's as easy as that. :)

*note, the membership has a 3 month minimum sign up.

The beautiful thing about this membership is that you can access our content at your convenience — anytime, anywhere. You'll also receive weekly emails with bite sized tips and tricks which you'll be able to easily adopt into your existing rhythms and routines.

The live Q&A session with Dr Justin will generally be held on the first Thursday of every month. 

Dr Justin will answer as many questions as he can during the Q&A sessions. We cannot guarantee that all questions will be answered immediately. Some questions may be combined with other similar questions. 

We understand that this time might not be convenient for every premium member, particularly for those who are overseas. Questions may be submitted ahead of time and answered during the live sessions. The sessions are recorded and will be added to the Q&A archive the following day. So even if you can't make it to the live session, you still have the opportunity to have your questions addressed. 

Live webinars will generally be held on the third Monday of every month, at 7pm AEST. 

The recording for each session will be made available in the video library the following day, so if you can't make it to the live session you won't miss out on a thing.

Webinar tickets will be available to purchase for $30 each for those who don't hold a membership. 

Dr Justin talks about a wide range of topics around toddlers too. Learn tips on how to deal with picky eaters, tantrums, and screen time for toddlers.

Our response is a strong yes. And of course if you decide it doesn’t, with a monthly membership you can always cancel after three months. However, we are confident that the principles presented in Dr Justin's content will be applicable and helpful.

Dr Justin talks about a wide range of topics around teenagers — from dealing with their quest for independence to connecting and engaging with them to talking about sex.

By upgrading to our premium membership, you get to join Dr Justin for a monthly Q&A, where you can ask him your trickiest parenting questions. 

Get in contact with us at We'll either help to make sure that you're making the most of your membership, or we'll discuss a refund with you.

Get in contact with us at We'll either help to make sure that you're making the most of your membership, or we'll discuss a refund with you.

You are constantly juggling being a parent and working, and we get that. That’s why most of our content are bite-sized and super easy to consume.

Weekly Lighten The Load emails from Dr Justin, a video library of our past webinars, a brand new live webinar each month, monthly live Q&A's with Dr Justin, online programs, Kylie's Corner, Book Club, members only offers and more!


You can by by credit card for your membership. 

School membership

Due to the extremely low price of the membership, we cannot offer refunds for parent memberships. 

HOWEVER, If you have members of your school community who have already signed up for a Happy Families Parent membership and they are on a monthly plan, they can simply email and request to cancel their paid membership moving forward. 

In the case of annual memberships, when and if your school membership is cancelled, they can contact us and we can credit them the remaining portion of their membership once their school account has been deactivated.

The membership will be completely managed by the Happy Families team. We'll send you emails to forward to your staff and parents. Those emails will have landing pages where staff and parents can register themselves. We'll also send you monthly emails to forward to your school community or incorporate with your regular newsletter. These will remind them about their membership and the content that's available to them.

Yes! Your membership will include Classroom Creations which are printable resources to beautify your classroom and teach wellbeing at the same time. Premium School members will also have access to student content in the form of 8 pieces of content including a PowerPoint presentation, lesson plan, worksheets, and YouTube clips to teach wellbeing in the classroom to any age group.


You only need 10 parents to sign up to the Parent Membership to make your investment worthwhile. If you are a small school and have budgetary concerns, please get in contact with the Happy Families team.

No, they just need to be members of the school community. 

No limit. The whole school community can have access.