Speaking, PR enquiries and bookings
For speaking, PR enquiries and bookings, please contact Caroline via email at caroline@happyfamilies.com.au.

Media requests
For media requests, please email Elizabeth at info@justincoulson.com.

Purchase & membership enquiries
Contact us at info@happyfamilies.com.au.

Personal and family issues
While we wish it were possible, unfortunately Dr Justin is not available to offer personal advice due to the high volume of enquiries we receive. But... Justin and the Happy Families team really do want to help. As such, we suggest the following.

We have a great search function on our home page that allows you to search for keywords and takes you to all of the relevant content that Justin has created. You'll find over 500 articles, podcasts, webinars, programs and more. We're confident that Justin will have provided free information that's relevant to your specific needs.

Our Happy Families Premium Membership  provides the opportunity for you to receive one-on-one advice from Dr Justin through the Family Spotlight and Q&A functions.

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Note on providing Individual Support

Dr Justin Coulson and the Happy Families team are not able provide personal or individual advice. However, there are many resources available from private organisations as well as the Australian Federal and State Governments that may be able to provide the support services that you need. For example:

Raising Children Network
Kids Helpline
Queensland Government Parents & Families
NSW Parenting Resources
Victorian Parenting Resources