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13 Reasons that Teenagers are GREAT!

Published: 27 Feb 2014
13 Reasons that Teenagers are GREAT!

Are you looking at that heading – that teenagers are great… and there are 13 reasons why… and wondering what weirdo would say something like that? Babies and little kids are great… but not teenagers, surely. They’re not cute like little kids. They’re smellier, moodier, and more expensive.

13 Reasons why Teenagers are GREAT!

What’s so great about teenagers?

Teenagers get a bad rap. True, there are some of them out there that deserve it. But most teens are great – most of the time. We’ve just got to look a little closer than we usually do.

I’ve been paying close attention to my eldest daughter, soon to be 15, and have been entirely amazed to watch her grow. It’s so exciting. And she’s doing such an amazing job of it. I’ve always loved my kids, but now that I have one (soon to be two) teen(s), I’m in even more awe of them! Teens are amazing!


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Here are 13 reasons that teenagers are great:

They can think

This can be a double-edged sword, but if we can tolerate the occasional values clash, it is amazing to watch the way our children’s ideas and opinions evolve. The teenage brain is an amazing thing and seeing the newfound cognitive development and capacity for complex thought is exciting, as are the new discussions you can have about political and other issues.

You can leave them on their own

Now I know some parents are saying, “No way. Last time I did that they trashed the place!”, but that’s unusual. Teenagers are big enough for us to disappear to the shops or work for several hours without us being stressed out about them, making parenting teens easier in this respect.


Many teenagers see life as something that’s about to begin. They are full of hope and optimism, envisioning futures of possibility, prosperity, passion, positive relationships, and perfect happiness. Too young to be jaded, the optimism of adolescence can be a powerful resilience buffer when things get tough.

They’re creative

Sure, a good deal of this creativity revolves around developing clever ways to get out of chores, homework, and family functions, but when they channel it towards productive ends, our teenagers can do amazing things. It may not always be directed to what we’d like it to be, but computer geeks, sportspeople, and entrepreneurial teens have done amazing things with their creativity. Think Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Taylor Swift, Zac Efron, and more.

They have a more sophisticated sense of humour

Fart jokes are still funny, but it’s interesting to see how their developing brain starts noticing clever ironies, and subtle nuance, and an appreciation for satire and black comedy.

Physically capable

Teens aren’t dependent on us for everything like younger kids. They can get their own food, wash their own clothes, mow the lawn or wash the car. This doesn’t mean that they will – but they can, and that’s something to celebrate.

They take risks

Teens take risks with relationships when they ask that special someone out. They take risks with school when they try a new subject for the first time. They take risks with work when they follow their passion. Risks are exciting and can often be one of the great things about being a teenager. You know you’re alive!


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They can babysit

Remember when you used to go out at night? With teenagers, you can start that again. They’re old enough to look after your younger kids.

They love people

Ok, not all people. But most teenagers LOVE being with people – especially their friends. As a parent it’s great to watch the way our kids develop relationships with others.

They’re passionate

Teenagers get pretty passionate about stuff. We may not always agree with their ‘passions’, but it can be great to see them really care about issues – and even get involved with those issues. Teens get into causes.

Experiencing new things

Our teenagers are experiencing so many things for the first time. First outings without parents, first kisses, first time driving, first dates… the independence is intoxicating and energising.


Friendship can be intense during adolescence. Our teens are making promises with friends that they’ll always live in the same street, have kids at the same time as their besties, and never lose touch.

Enthusiasm and zest

For most teenagers, life is about fun. Teens get enthusiastic and energetic, and can bound into and out of our homes and lives with more vigour than we can sometimes handle. Being around them can elevate our own enthusiasm for life.

I asked my teenage daughter why teenagers are great. Her response:

'Cos we just are.

Enough said?

Your child's teen years are going to be some of the most terrifying, horrible, and exciting, hopeful years of their life. It’s a time of mistakes, awkward moments, having no idea but thinking they are omniscient, and having more fun and more drama in a few short years than they may have in any other decade of our lives.

Sure they might dress in ways we find ‘unusual’. Their music might drive us up the wall. But if we take every opportunity we can to connect with them, they will amaze us with how awesome they really are, and how much they actually want to be part of our lives.


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