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My goal is for parents, teachers, and those who work with children to see them for the precious humans they are; to connect with them in meaningful ways; and to guide those children to become strong, caring, whole adults.

Dr Justin Coulson



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About Dr Justin Coulson


Dr Justin Coulson is the co-host and parenting expert on Channel Nine's "Parental Guidance" and the founder of happyfamilies.com.au. He holds a PhD in Psychology and is one of Australia’s most trusted parenting experts.

Over the past decade he has helped innumerable families with his 9 books about raising children, his hundreds of media appearances (including all of Australia’s major news outlets, and even the Washington Post and the New York Times), and two viral videos that have been viewed a combined 80 million times!

Justin earned his PhD in Psychology from the University of Wollongong. He and his wife Kylie have been married since the late 90s and are the parents of 6 daughters and the grandparents of 1 granddaughter.

Justin is also a sought-after keynote speaker, helping organisations and schools boost wellbeing and improve relationships. To book Justin or find out more about his corporate, teacher, parent, or student presentations, visit his keynote speaker site or contact Caroline at caroline@happyfamilies.com.au.



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