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Dr Justin is media friendly. He regularly appears on the TODAY show, on radio stations and in newspapers and magazines around the country.

For media enquiries, call 0413 969 091 or email justin@happyfamilies.com.au
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How to have a functional family

by Lakshmi Singh
Date: May 15, 2013 

Having a close, connected family is beneficial not just to a child's sense of identity and wellbeing but to the parents and extended family too.  

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Do little girls really have the right 'to own themselves'?

by Sandy Smith
Date: December 13, 2012 

US actress Jada Pinkett Smith is making headlines and not because of her celebrity antics or the state of her marriage to Will Smith. Instead the mother of three is in the spotlight over her liberal approach to parenting.  

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Father cherishes time with his daughters

By Jodie Duffy
August 30 2012

Buried beneath a squealing, giggling pile of little limbs, psychologist Dr Justin Coulson will struggle for breath as he battles to keep his feet hidden from grasping hands trying to rip his smelly socks off.

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